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08-10-2011, 12:41 PM
Frankly, I don't find the special abilities to be particularly useful; Perhaps the MVAM is, but I never used it, I mainly use Science Vessels.

The Ablative armor on the Intrepid and the Tachyon detection grid on the Nebula are cool, but their usefulness can be questioned: if you use shields resists and hull heals properly, you hardly need the former; As a matter of fact if you use the ablative armor as a last stand defence it ends up putting you at risk, since it takes a second or so to deploy and during that time your shields are down. More than enough to blow you up if you are low on hull.
The Tachyon grid detects ships within a certain distance, and most BOP pilots are smart enough not to get withing detection distance unless they are decloacking and attacking immediately.

What really kills the "RA" ships is BO slots layout and the fact that they have a different skill set to invest points in, while the retrofit ones all fall into a single pool.
So if a character is specc'd in the RSV, he/she can't fly a DSSV efficiently, nor a Retrofit; If he/she is spec'd in the retrofit, however, he/she can fly the Intrepid, the Nebula and the D'Kyr, covering essentially the entire spectrum for the selected class (at least as far as science vessels are concerned).