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Originally Posted by blueyes77 View Post
Ok i am level on 10 now and if game is designed to be so slow even though i am on warp speed.
I was just confused about moving to different sector on sector border, it says entering warp or something.

Its a bit confusing at times, but i just love those missions where you need to fight in space or ground combats, so time to get into those stuff is bit slow for me

Thanks for all your help, i just love STO these days.

Does anyone have good tip for using weapons/shields on light cruiser with level 10 difficulty for beginner, because i am getting killed all the time

Does "Star Trek : Infinite space" have better looking ships than in STO?
Over time, you earn Bridge Officers as a reward. They can be assigned to positions on your ship and give you access to clickable powers. These are very important and get only more important over time. You can train your Bridge Officers in Earth Space Dock. As early levels, you will not have many bridge officer skill points to train them, so use them wisely.

If you have trouble in space, a few basic guidelines:

1) Running 100 weapon power and 50 shield power is usually a good choice.

2) From the Engineering Bridge Officer powers, Emergency Power to Shields is a very powerful shield buff. It gives you damage resistance, which means you take less damage. Coupled with 100 weapon power, this means you can usually kill your enemies before they can deal any significant damage back to you. At Levels 1-20, most ships can only have one Emergency Power to Shields. That means that you will be protected for about 30 seconds, and unprotected for 30 seconds (assuming you managed to max the skill). At Levels 11+ with a Cruiser or Level 21+ with any other ship, you can have Emergency Power twice. This will give you round-the-time protection. While you don't have two, just remember to have he skill ready before you enter the next combat.

3) From the Science Bridge Officer powers, Hazard Emitters is an excellent hull heal.