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08-10-2011, 04:11 PM
Okay first off who votes that JJ be fired and go back to his crime dramas?

2. This mission could have easily been the 2009 revamp movie, better plot lines the complexety of was cool instead of a hoaky enterprise with lame duck spock and it gives you a glimpse of the uncharted territory of the Occupation. If Star Wars can fill in its canon with the dorky Clone Wars so can Trek but better.

3. The mission is almost straight from DS9 and would have been a good break in the middle of the dominon war episodes, TV series speaking.

I was afraid of approaching DS9 in the mission to sabatage the Station. thinking “oh boy i'm going to have to fight old Ben and the Defiant" knowing i'm a little Vesper it made my skin crawl. Nice makeup on the ghost at the 2409 ramock nor by the way. For the first part of the mission i felt like Dan Akrowd in ghost busters. “Who are you gonna call, Ghostbusters!"

Great work.

PS maybe you can make a borg more canonish because the devs tried and failed in their language and actions, attitude, and behavior.