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08-10-2011, 05:29 PM
Originally Posted by Kirkfat View Post
We've been asking for this feature forever. While we can make an npc visible, we cannot make one invis.

The only reliable work around is on custom-built maps using platforms. If there is a pit under the platform then you can trigger the floor to disappear, which makes the npc fall out of the map. You then set a new floor to replace the old one.

I'm guessing that would not work for your mission, lol.

Sorry pal. I don't why we can't, but we're not allowed to despawn an npc.
This is no longer effective. If you leave an area, contacts despawn. When you return, they respawn in their original positions. So for the trapdoor trick to work, you pretty much have to have the enemy fall down a pit while in close proximity to the player.

So... It works if you don't mind the player seeing the contact shoved down a pit and you don't plan for the player to travel any great distance and come back.

I'm finding the best approach is to actually have multiple copies of a contact at multiple locations if you want to convey contact movement. Much like how, in a game like ********, there may be 10 versions of Thrall floating around the game world but they're simply never positioned within easy sight access of one another.