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08-10-2011, 07:52 PM
I fly a Tac/RSV as well - it's probably my favorite combo in the game.

Best piece of advice I can give you: PSW 1 and GW 3. GW 3 on it's own does awesome damage. Add in APA/GDF/TacFleet, and it flies through the roof. PSW doesn't do much damage (though it's decent with Tac buffs), but it's mostly to make sure no one escapes melting in your GW.

For supreme AoE goodness, load up with 3 Cannons + 2 Turrets/1 Beam Array (for the innate subsystem targetting), and Cannon Scatter Volley.

Or, if you'd like, go with Beam Overload 2 and Dual Beam Banks. The RSV can easily turn to keep it's fore DBBs on target, especially with APA running. Once Sensor Analysis gets stacked up, Beam Overload 2 is very close to (if not greater than) Beam Overload 3's damage. Add in APA, and you're looking at some nasty spike - especially if you pack in a fore Quantum with an HYT. Plus you've got all of your Sci tools to help you get those shields down to make sure you're striking hull or debuffing your target.