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08-10-2011, 06:54 PM
Incidentally, you CAN drop the player into a duplicate platform/map. Just mask it with something like lots of vertical energy effects and a reduced gravity volume effect. I've considered doing a Frame of Mind-inspired mission with that effect. (Just make sure you drop the player and not any of the NPCs.)

You can, of course, load a duplicate map and have the contact use a beam out animation on the new map (which does unfortunately have a loadscreen).

Another trick is to position steps cleverly. It will be noticeable over short distances but less over long ones.

The trick is:

You have a "before" platform. You have an "after" platform where all of the contacts/widgets/etc are set invisible.

The "after" platform is ten feet above the "before" platform.

When the player ducks around a corner and isn't there to see your messy area shifting business (say, they hit a waypoint), you make the before platform invisible and the 100 or so steps that lead up to it. You replace it with the after platform and 100 stairs that are slightly steeper. (You could do it with ten stairs but they'd be noticeably steeper. Whereas using LOTS of stairs means that the steepness increase per step is less sharp.)

A simpler approach might be to do this with lined up ramps and have an extra ramp and a bit longer hallway leading up to the "after" map.

You do it cleverly and no one will notice... unless, of course, you have multiple players playing the mission and one lags behind. Which could, you know, drop them through the floor.

I'm trying to hold back on tricks that can be bugged out with multiplayer, personally, and include extra cheats or workarounds for multiple players. It limits what you can do substantially, though. We really need waypoints that verify that all players are present before proceeding.