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Originally Posted by Jaren_Kincaid
Oh, I see. Thank you. So what's with all the other putative skills on the BOff skills tree? Are they just for decoration?
There are enough skills available (not counting the level I/II/III variants of each) to fill the skill slots of about 3 officers of each career path. Now that you have reached the level cap, you will have a lot more Bridge Officer points available, so my personal suggestion would be to acquire additional Bridge Officers (you can get Blue ones on the Exchange for a decent price) and train them in a variety of abilities. That way, you can get officers of various sub-specialties within each career path.

For example, you might want one Science Officer who specializes in healing skills (Hazard Emitters, Science Team, Medical Tricorder, etc.), and another who specializes in debuffs (Tachyon Beam, Tractor Beam, Dampening Field, Hyperonic Radiation, etc.). Or you might want one Tactical Officer specializing in Cannon abilities (Cannon Rapid Fire and Cannon Scatter Shot), while another specializes in Beam abilities (Beam Fire At Will and Beam Overload).

Originally Posted by Solar_Searcher
I have seen it posted that there is no reason to go above 7 on any training item as it is considered a *waste of points to do so. (*As posted by several players on the forum)
The 8th and 9th level in most player skills provide diminishing returns (usually half as much of a skill increase as levels 6-7 did). Thus, given the fact that you can never have enough skill points to max out everything, you may want to spend the points on some other skill instead.

However, some skills do unlock the ability to train a Bridge Officer in an advanced skill if you max it out and are of the correct career path (e.g. a Tactical captain can train a Tactical Bridge Officer in Torpedo High Yield III if said captain has the Ship Torpedo Weapons skill maxed out). You may want to max out the categories that you want to train your Bridge Officers in and train them as a one-time deal, and then respec afterward.