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08-11-2011, 02:42 AM
1. What ship(s) did you fly as you ranked up? For each, primarily PvE, PvP or both? Group or solo?

I've mostly played solo and use the same ship whether I do PvP or PvE, I'm not worried about PvE there is nothing I cannot handle with the same setup I tweak for PvP

1-B'rel (due to lack of alternatives) and got out of it as soon as I could level up.
2-tried Quldun and preferred the K'tanco for my fighting style
3-K'tinga FTW!
4-Vor'cha (it was the least of the "evils" as far as choices)

2. What ship(s) do you fly at cap? For each, primarily PvE, PvP or both? Group or solo?

I tried every other ship available and the only one that works for me is the Qu'Daj variation with the shorter neck. This is the only ship I use for any/all game play. Nothing else suits me for play style or aesthetics. Every once in a while I will handicap myself and fly my K'tinga just for nostalgia in PvE when I get really bored.

3. Which ship(s) do you think are currently overpowered? PvE, PvP, or both? Specifically why?

None on the KDF side, if anything these days I would lean towards underpowered.

4. Which ship(s) do you think are currently underpowered? PvE, PvP, or both? Specifically why?

PvE I can rock with anything... PvP however I feel most KDF ships are more or less ok at best but not by much. The D7 is acceptable where it is but I'd rather see the K'tinga on the next tier up with another rear weapon slot to reflect it's later design date and continued improvements. As for the details about other ships most folks here have already stated them I would just be repeating what's been said.

5. What feature of your favorite ships do you like the most? As in, console configurations, station configurations, aesthetics, special abilities, etc.?

Stations - universal stations - for me the layouts are too limited as currently setup in everything except the BoPs. As a species that is used to making do with what they have for very long periods of time it would be appropriate that more ships would have this design. In my mind universal stations make more sense on bigger ships than they would on BoPs. To me BoP's are hit and run raiders, or scouting/stealth mission specialists. Cruisers have the size and crew/cargo capacity to better handle the "jack of all trade" type assignments.

Console fav - the universal Assimilated Module, other than that nothing on the KDF side. I would like to see the KDF ships be able to choose your own lineup of console slots in the shipyards. That way you could take any ship and change the lineup to 2-2-4 or 3-2-3 or 3-3-2 you get the idea.

Aesthetics fav - the D7 and the K'tinga haven't been surpassed ( both models still have lots of errors and accuracy issues especially the K'tinga ) I like the hammerhead design of the Qu'Daj but not crazy about the main hull with engines absorbed into the body. The standard neck is too thick and is too long as well. The K'tinga Refit model cannot be saved in my opinion, the delete key is the only good solution for my preferences.

Ever since ST:3 we've had what was designed to be a Romulan ship foisted off on the Empire to the point where we've gotten away from the original Klingon aesthetics and everything is bird themed. Ugh. I appreciate the BoP for what it is, I don't dislike it, but it was designed with Romulan aesthetics in mind - they are the species obsessed with the bird motifs not us.

I hope in the future Klingon design gets back on track aesthetically and also gets refocused on cruisers and battleships. I'd love to see an end game modern day inheritor to the D7-K'tinga lineage. No quirky powers or gimmicks just a good solid ship that evokes a sense of menace and threat to it's enemies they way Klingon ships did in the past.

As far as the alien ships go on the KDF side personally I have no interest. I tried them on tribble but they just didn't say KDF to me flying around in them. However I am glad they are there for those who do want them ...I'm all for everyone being happy in their options. When the Kar'fi was announced I wanted to like it I really did. How cool is it to steal a ship from our ancient enemies in the days of legend... but once I saw it and tried it ... uhhh I just had to say no to the "lionfish". Bleh.

I really like the Assimilated Borg Technology on KDF ships it seems to "fit in" nicely in terms of aesthetics. I'd just like to see the deflector array scaled down a tad, it's a bit much currently. I could easily see future KDF designs incorporating a lot of Borg elements.

Special abilities - none really, some are neat ideas on paper but do nothing for me in actual game play. It seems like you end up losing too much firepower for what amounts to a cute trick on the KDF side.