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08-11-2011, 02:11 AM
Originally Posted by superchum View Post
Due to all the things I've seen in canon episodes of Voyager, I really think the DSSV needs to stay as outclassed by the Intrepid as the Imperial and Avenger are by the Lakota.

Sorry guys but the C-Store ships are supposed to be better. That's the point of the C-Store. As I've been told in many many threads.

It's all been admitted to in the latest STOKED interview too.
The New Rhode Island IS a superior ship to the in game Nova as an incentive to get you to buy it.
This is not by accident, it was how it was designed.
The new console is to offer new tactical options, that are not offered in game.
The Prometheus is a stronger ship than the tactical ships offered for free on the same tier in game.

I remember you and I hitting the same brick wall when we asked for a buff for the Assault cruiser. Because we felt that an older ship shouldn't out class the Federation's latest cruiser. People lined up to tell us we were crazy and that the Sovereign was actually better at tanking, so it was just as good as the Excelsior.
We were crazy to think that the Excelsior was more powerful. that it offered a superior tactical layout to the assault cruiser, a newer ship.
But the truth is out now, this WAS as intentional then, as it was now, it was purposefully made more powerful than the Sovereign as an incentive to get you to purchase it.
Except in this case, the special ability was not combat related, so a more powerful tactical layout, not offered in any other cruiser in the game was offered instead. :p
The writings on the wall and the practice has been admitted. The situation's been repeated time and time again now.

Hopefully the Ambassador when it comes out beats the pants off em all!

I bet if the Ambassador comes out in the store after the Enterprise F, it will kick it's butt too.