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Originally Posted by AHarnaman
Hope someone can help here im having trouble figuring something out. I have a space map where as a fed you need to interact with a friendly bird of prey. I can put a BOP on a map and set it to friendly and create the interaction ok no problem. But what I want is for the player to reach a set point then at the set point recieve a transmission then whenj the player hits on the popup interaction then have a BOP spawn in. The problem im having is figuring out the spawning in of an enemy ship following a popup/interaction

Can someone link to a video or tutorial ? or walk through what I need to place on the story ?

Thank you
There is a way to do it. The first BoP will be a component on the UGC. So to have the other ship come in after the players do something, you need to make a object trigger the new ship.

You can make the popup dialog an actual object using the dialog tool. Then drop it on the map. Then the dialog is the component you need to trigger the BoP.

The BoP does not even have to be an objective or part of the main story.

The dialog can trigger that event or others that you want.

They just added a new dialog option on the drop down box for what hides or make makes visible a component.

Hope this helps

Thank you