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Originally Posted by superchum View Post
Neither the Imperial nor the Avenger show up in any episodes, and yet it's been very well established that the Lakota, because of what it does in one episode of DS9 is absolutely supposed to be superior to those much newer ships.

So, applying that exact same logic, the Intrepid (which has 7 full seasons of canon to demonstrate how superior it is) must be superior to the DSSV.

It's Cryptic logic and it's how the tier system is supposed to work.
You and I must have a different definition of logic.

While I think it's stupid the Excelsior Lakota is T5 I also understand 2 things:

1: It's canon that the Lakota and Defiant basically fought themselves to a standstill - neither ship wanting to use torpedoes to destroy the other - with the Defiant eking out the win in the end.

2: Some fans want what they want and just don't care about canon, common sense, or logic. IE, some fans just want T5 everything whether it makes sense or not.

There's no way to please everybody.

My own view is that different ships have different purposes and that newness is not the basis for tier increase. Some ships are support, some are exploration, some are war. As I have said before, Starfleet sent an Oberth to study the Genesis Planet because they thought it was safely within Federation territory. If they had known there were going to be Klingons there they wouldn't have sent a support ship. They'd have sent a Constitution or at least a Reliant: something with a little more firepower and defenses. So long story short, the fact that the Stargazer is a new ship while the Galaxy is an older model doesn't mean the Stargazer should be tougher then (or even as tough as) a Galaxy. They have 2 different purposes within Starfleet and 2 different tiers.