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08-11-2011, 07:10 AM
Specific questions:
1. What ship(s) did you fly as you ranked up? For each, primarily PvE, PvP or both? Group or solo?
For My Main I used Battle cruisers D7, Vorcha, Vorcha Retro, I used a raptor for lt. commander, felt it was underpowered for what it was. Switched to the B'rel for the Lt. Gen token, good ship, but crippled by the cloak not working as it should. Finally I bought a Guramba, and I've used it since. But my heart lies with my Vorcha Retro. Also I sometimes level alone, but I prefer to level with people, as the company on team speak makes the grind less unbearable.
2. What ship(s) do you fly at cap? For each, primarily PvE, PvP or both? Group or solo?
Like above I fly the Guramba, but only because its effective. I would prefer the Vorcha, but I think for a tier 5, and a retrofit of a tier 4, it is underpowered when compared to the vessels of the Federation that are retros of tier 3 and 4.
3. Which ship(s) do you think are currently overpowered? PvE, PvP, or both? Specifically why?
No KDF ships are in my opinion. Many need looking at to bring them up to snuff I think FED wise the MVAM Is OP, no escort should have a science Boff slot like that, while also getting a 'three on one" console and the turning rate to make all but a BoP jealous (now you know why most KDF ships are green).
4. Which ship(s) do you think are currently underpowered? PvE, PvP, or both? Specifically why?
The Vorcha Retro for one is Underpowered. It should be more in line with the BOFF set up of the Excelsior for what it is. It's hull strength and shields are decent, but it lacks true tactical prowess for being an attack cruiser. The BOFF lay out should be more in line with the Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit. It could also use some sort of special ability given its nature as a retrofit. In the show it had a heavy forward mounted disruptor cannon I'd run with that, like a mini-javelin.
The Guramba is not Underpowered but it needs to have the negative modifier of its siege mode looked at. the -50% to speed and turn is damning. You can't track a cruiser with it, the only thing slow enough to keep in line is a Carrier and why would the KDF build a ship only capable of truly assaulting their own? A modifier adjustment is needed.
The Enchanced Battlecloak on the Brel BOP retro needs looking at. It doesn't act as it should as has been confirmed by Cryptic many times. Given its state I'd say to deal with it the ship needs more Hull or shields to counter act the "Cloak isn't installed properly till next tuesday" effect.
The Captain Tier BoPs gain no weapons over the Commander Tier BoPs. Both have 3/2. I believe the Captain tier should be 4/2, Admiral tier should be 4/3, and the Bop Retro should be 4/2 having lost one to pay for its special functions. It gives honest incentive to use the BoPs more than just pure endgame.
5. What feature of your favorite ships do you like the most? As in, console configurations, station configurations, aesthetics, special abilities, etc.?
I love the console lay out of the Vor'cha, its perfect for the ship it is. It's also identical to the FED ship it should mirror BOFF wise as well, the Excelsior. In fact aside from the over all weak BOFF set up for being the ship it is, I think the Vor'cha is the best ship in the KDF Fleet. It just needs to be tuned to be more tactically sound. Though keeping in mind the concept of faction specific designs this BOFF set up might be better. Lt. Engineering, Commander Engineering, Ensign Tactical, Lt. Commander Tactical, Lt. Science. A true attack cruiser.