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08-11-2011, 07:26 AM
Originally Posted by EDemerzel View Post
There is nothing wrong with these the way that they are... Just spec your ship correctly if you PvP and issue solved. People will start going to other tactics. Why does there not have to be any challenge in the game? Seriously...
you know all you have to spec is your hazard emmiters to counter the first few ..... And I have never put a ship together without my HE speced to max.... on most my ships I even use sci halon consoles stacked to add to the HE so its not like I dont spec them.... And I have no issue really with a few pengs hitting me its the lame ppl that want to rapid fire or the fleets that want to spam them that I have my issue with.... And as far as PVP being a klingon there is not much else to do....And by the way I love a challenge but fighting against a ship that tanks good and rapid fires them is not a challenge its a losing battle plain and simple