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08-11-2011, 08:38 AM
Originally Posted by Jarnin View Post
Apples and oranges...

Peregrine = To'duj
Runabout = Toron
Captain's Yacht = Duj'hod
Delta Flyer = ???
Tal'kyr = ???

Look at it this way: If you're playing a Klingon you have no choices for a shuttle. The only one available is the Toron, unless you buy the fighter in the C-Store or have been playing for 400 days. The Toron is a fine shuttle and comparable to the Runabout, but there's nothing even close to the Delta or Tal'kyr.
The Devs have mentioned their desire to add more shuttle-only missions, and even shuttle-pvp maps. If they're going to go that route, they have to add in one or two more shuttles for the KDF to balance it.
Just for the record, it is the Type 6 shuttle that is the fed equivalent of the KDF Toron shuttle, not the Runabout.

The Runabout may have identical stats to the Type 6 (can't remember off the top of my head) but its obviously still another choice for fed players and, since it has a hull about twice the size of the type 6/toron is effectively a different shuttle type still.