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As a lifetime subscriber I am not effected as much; but for the Foundry Author that maintains their subscription for the sole purpose of the foundry authoring tool, could you say they paid for a service not provided? After all, the foundry was offline for a little over three weeks, and in the two it has been back, it has been heavily buged. Even the patch today: the problem of game crashes during map transition was known on the Tribble server, and yet the code was still pushed to Holodeck. Why?

I hope that one day foundry is finally up and running, because I would like to see more great missions from the talented authors out there; but for now, I feel all the failed promises, and broken fixes, are hurting the future of the game. I hope things get turned around before it's too late, because I'd like to see some value from my life time account.

P.S. This is not meant to be a flame, and I don't want to start a flame thread. This is my honest feedback. If you want to start a flame please don't do it in this thread.

P.P.S. Too you Star Base UGC guys (and Terilynn), great tutorials, and pod-cast. I think it's an awesome resource; but the Register script on your site seems to be broken