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08-11-2011, 08:19 PM
Originally Posted by superherofan1701 View Post
Wow. The end of September for a good chunk of the content, and then the end of October for the Featured episodes and the DOFF system? And those are just the tentative dates.

If I wasn't Lifetime, I'd probably be canceling my subscription right now...
yes, I know, no other MMO has ever gone 6 - 7 months without adding new PvE content (of course everyone likes to g;loss over the Ground 2.0 combat update, Qo'Nos Zone update, SFA zone update, etc.)...

Oh wait, most other MMOs actually DO take 7 months between content updates (like EVE Online, WoW of late, CoH, DCUO, etc.)

And again, it's not like we haven't seen any updates in the last 7 months. Plus, if they can keep to the projected FE series schedule of no more than two week between series one they start up again; and 9+ series per year going forward, we may never see a similar 'countent drought again. (That said, we'll know in December, after the first new series ends on how well they manage.)

But if you are fed up and don't want to pay to wait (and don't care for the Borg invasion, the Lore missions, etc.); yep, you can unsub for a few months and take a look to see if Cryptic made good - and resub at that point if you're so inclined.

For us LTS folks, in the end, we don't really loose anything by taking a break, or muddling tjhrough per se, as we already paid for the ticket; and are along for the full ride, no matter what.