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08-11-2011, 07:28 PM
Originally Posted by Armsman View Post
yes, I know, no other MMO has ever gone 6 - 7 months without adding new PvE content (of course everyone likes to g;loss over the Ground 2.0 combat update, Qo'Nos Zone update, SFA zone update, etc.)...

Oh wait, most other MMOs actually DO take 7 months between content updates (like EVE Online, WoW of late, CoH, DCUO, etc.)
I read the entire "Ask Cryptic" post, and came to the following conclusion:

Lot's of new stuff are planned, and currently in a somewhat completed state. Release date: Later this year.

What happened to "Feature Episode series 4 to begin shortly after S4 launch" ? Late October is 3.5 months after S4 launch, and 7 months after the completion of Feature Episode series 3.

As for your second part;

In the past 8 months, DCUO has maintained a rather rigorous update schedule releasing content updates nearly on a monthly basis (other than the 1-month delay due to the Sony network hacking earlier this year). RIFT was launched in March of this year, and in that time have managed to release FOUR major content updates. How many have STO had in the same timespan? ONE. And that update wasn't even a "content update" in any meaningful sense of the word. New locales, revamped ground combat and some minor UI updates are not what I would consider super-important, nor meaningful. I, and many others want new missions, new pvp maps, new STFs. Actual mission-type content.

Any S4-related "content" is currently shifted for release to late September and beyond. How many subscribers will the game lose until then? And how many will the game lose once other MMO:s get released later this year? The only way for most companies to maintain subscriber numbers, is to keep the subscribers happy... in the form of new content, bug fixes, new items, new goals etc. All we hear lately is "We got stuff planned, but it's coming later™"