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08-11-2011, 07:38 PM
I don't mean to add to the negativity and I do feel sorry for the pain of transitioning to another company at a crucuial juncture in the game's lifetime.... but the first Answer left a bitter taste in my mouth and I did not enjoy the rest of the Q&A at all.

There is absolutley no incentive for a subsriber to continue subscribing between here and October.
The STFs and Borg (all endgame content) will NOT attract future subscribers and/or provide staying power for lower ranked subsribers. Featured Episodes and the Doff system should have priority. That is my view on it.

I really wish I had not caved into a liftime subscription now.... I admit, I play for free now but I don't think Cryptic Studios are listening to subscribers. They are listening to people who buy through the C-store. Actual content is not a priority.