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08-11-2011, 08:09 PM
Originally Posted by zombie619 View Post
it kinda bugs me how the main powersource on your ship isnt somthing that can be changed out we got impulse shileds deflector i think warp core should be in that mix isnt there sever diferent kinds?? this is a thought wanted to see how the comunity felt lol
I like ur idea pal. Ive been wondering about it as well. I mean, the more diversity we have in the game, the more fun.

It would be nice if we had warpcores with different attributes, ofcourse mainly ur warp speed, perhaps we should be able to get warpcores with lower warp but higher benefits in combat or something?

And to prevent the abuse of swapping when in sector space, make it so that you can only equip warpcores at ESD or shipyard.

Furthermore it would be great if they were in common, rare, very rare etc. and tradable, so they would actually cost a bunch to get a nice one

From the beginning I always found it to be weird that ur Warp Speed scales with ur level. Its just weird. I hoped this was different somehow.