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02-15-2009, 07:58 PM
Originally Posted by ivan50265 View Post
I'm interested to see what the Romula Empire will look like at the en of this conflict to give us an idea of what th expansion will be like.

The empire will look like something other than it realy is. We were feared before all this and now all you people fear is that this 'civil war', as you call it, will affect you. Your fear is misplaced, this is an internal political struggle, so please remember of few things.
First, if we desired to affect you we would. Second, Praetor can be earned by the low as well as claimed by the high. Third, what makes you think that unification is something that would affect us that much? Fourth, though understandable, using your cultural, socialogical references to explain Romulan ways is......futile. Fith, See ya!