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08-12-2011, 12:04 PM
I honestly wasn't sure what you meant with the "Cute" Escort. Because of the way you worded it, I wasn't sure if you meant some other word. Or perhaps you were talking about the new skin that one of the devs posted that hasn't been released yet. I probably would have said "that cute Tier 2 Escort".

Personally, I agree with you. The Saber design is one of my favorites from the game. I would rather be flying that than the Defiant. To be precise, my Tier 2 was a Saber with Ushaan "wings" and Rapier nacelles. I have a pic as part of my crew lineup.

Considering all the controversy over the Rhode Island, though, I really doubt we will ever see Tier 2 ships at any higher than Tier 2. The devs seem unwilling to make any more Tier 5 refits. I'm betting we don't even see any more Tier 3 ships at Tier 5. They will all have interchangable consoles now, instead.

Also, interestingly enough, the latest Ask Cryptic indicates that the Saber is one of the three favorite ships. However, at the same time Dan Stahl says specifically "older era ships should not be competitive with newer high end ships". Then again, the Saber is not an older era ship than the Defiant. And he does say that a crafting based retrofit system MIGHT be possible after Season 4. His attitude towards the possibility, however, seemed to be very contrary. (That is, he makes it sound like other devs are trying to argue the point)