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Originally Posted by Cosmic_One View Post
Yes, the Galaxy has more mass: 3.28 million mt versus the Sovereigns 2.72 million mt. But most of the Galaxy's size comes from the saucer - designed to carry 1,000 civilian family members. I always thought having all the families on board was just stupid: especially considering how seldom Picard would separate the saucer to protect all those civilians.
This and all those families took up the room that could have been used for better systems of any kind from weapons, shields, sensors, science labs.

The fact of the matter is that a flag ships needs to be able to deal a few good solid punches to at times. At this the Galaxy class just doesn't hold a candle to the sovereign which was designed from the ground up to be far more combat orientated and than you can take even half the mass of the galaxy and come out with a batter ship with only 1 down side, it does not carry families and really families should not be onboard most vessels.