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08-12-2011, 01:24 PM
Originally Posted by Courage_Wolf
The reality is, the Devs knew about the sale long before we did. They knew it was coming long before the public announcement was made.
if that's the reality, do you have some evidence to show how long the devs knew it was coming for? if you know for sure id love to read it. id like to know exactly how long the devs knew about the take over before it was announced.

i suspect they knew before us, as they are closer to it than we are but how 'long' are we talking about here? a couple of days, a week, a month, two? how long does it take for some nameless suit in atari to decide to sell them? one board meeting? two? do cryptic get a say in the process or was the news as big a shock to them as it was to us? did craig or jack tell the devs a day or two before the announcement, or has this been in the work for months so that everybody and their pet targ knew about it?

did they know how long it would take to find a buyer, did they know when the deal would come through, did they know the impact it would have on development? did atari say just carry on as usual, or did they slash their funding right down.

i suspect there are dozens of issues that we will never know about that took place in the process. maybe if they could explain it all we would understand, maybe if we worked at cryptic we would make the same calls they made, or maybe they dropped the ball completely. we will probably never know for sure.

i suspect the reality is that we dont know what happened and can only speculate, unless you can prove otherwise.