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08-12-2011, 03:55 PM
Originally Posted by HamRadio18
All Weapons are Mk XI Very Rare
Fore weapons:
3 Phaser Dual Heavy Cannons Mk XI
1 Quantum Torpedo Launcher Mk XI

Aft Weapons:
3 Phaser Turrets Mk XI Very Rare

For Consoles, this is what I use. (All are Mk XI Rare)
Full Borg Set: A lot of people don't think the shields are good on an escort. Well, I think they are great.

Engineering Consoles:
1 EPS flow regulator (Essential on an escort)
1 Nutronium Alloy (Thinking about switching out for +35 to shields, haven't decided yet.)

Science Consoles:
1 Borg
1 Halon System

3 Prefire Chamber
1 Quantum Chamber

Bridge Officers.

THY 1, CRF 1, THY 3, CRF 2, TT 1, TT1, APB 1, & APO 3. (The reason for this, is when I first strike, I hit TYH 3, CRF 2, TT1, & APO 3. This sends CRF 1, THY 1, APB 1, and TT 1 in 15 seconds cooldown. Basically, I just keep switching between the two.

EPtS 1 & 2 (not only do they raise your shields, but they give you shield resistance, and shield power which is great for the Borg shields)

Hazard Emitters
Polarized hull
I know that these share a cool down. But, if you time it right, it doesn't matter. Polarized Hull only lasts for 15 seconds, Well, that is how long it sends HE into a cool down. So you hit Polarized hull, then HE 15 seconds later.

So, this is what I do.

Cloak, get behind someone. Hit all my abilities. Fire on my mark, APO, APA, CRF 2, THY 3, & TT 1.
Decloak. and fire. Dead in 5 seconds. I have tried this build in Karrat, and in PvP and it works great.
I went up against a Nebula class, Fleet escort, and some Klingons. The Polarized hull & HE kept my hull up, & EPtS kept my shields up.
Dude, just changed my BO load out to EPtS I&2 and followed your sci advice. Thanks, you've just wrecked the day of several Klinks. My survivability has just went WAY up.