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08-12-2011, 06:30 PM
To be perfectly honest, what bothers me is that this game would not have surived as long as it has without the true trekkies applying vital financial life support to it.

This game has survived because of startrek fans and for me it's almost insulting to see something as beloved as startrek being so buggy.

Guys lets be honest here new content should not be that hard.. I could easily create a new featured mission evey week by msyelf.

Who is making content? Why dont we see tons of new missions added all the time.. We should log on and see in our available log that starfleet has orders for us to investigate soemthing or other on a fairly regular basis.

It seems to me like they spend way to much time making crap for the c store so they can make more money and they dont have a team accually just adding missions..

While I think the Enterprise F looks cool I would much preffer to have something I can do with my heavy escort that has been patrolling the same dang systems for days thinking... Isnt there SOMETHING happening ... SOMEWHERE!

I need more emersion in the game I want to be able to have "trek" missions... I'm sick of blowing up raiders and policing systems... I'm a startrek officer not some beat cop!! we have ships for that and our valuable long range cruisers and such shouldnt be wasting their time policing vulcan space when there is a war going on !!

Regardless I honestly think if they put even 2 guys on making new missions every week just 2 guys!!! and added them during maintanance I would be happier than I am now repeating the same ones over and over.