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08-12-2011, 07:21 PM
Originally Posted by CaptainMerzan
Well anything and be unlearned but still doesnt have anything to do with most women are shaped different from men, yes i know that is shocking news but they are, there hips are wider and a few other differences, and to say a woman swaying her hips isnt natural is plain silly, to hint such, to me is insulting to women by saying this ur saying most women are just doing it to catch attention, and i think this is degrading of women, there is nothing wrong with the new walk, no need in makeing a moutain out of a molehill, and honestly how many people in gave actually even walk.
Trust me... It is not natural to that degree. We do not sway our hips unless we learn to do that. Large ladies waddling does not count btw.

Also, their point is correct that men can easily swing their hips just as well as we can. I have seen a few who are very good at it. See the link in my post above as a nice example.

Fact is: If you WATCH your average lady we do not walk so exaggeratedly. We walk... Normal. We only walk like that if A) We are trying to get attention, B) Have been trained to walk that way, or C) Are experiencing some body malformation or some pain that makes us prone to walk oddly.