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08-12-2011, 06:28 PM
Originally Posted by TFO-OptimusPrime View Post
As long as more pressing needs are taken care of before this option is thrown in, stuff like:

More content for KDF
More Borg missions
More End Game content
Make SFA used for tutorial instead of a social hub, target range included.
T5 Akira
Bug fixes
More content
Oh Foundry, can't forget that
filling out the rest of the lower tier ships (be they actual ships or varients) for both Fed + KDF
Playable Romulans and Cardies
An Undine FE
Making sector space one big map and extending the amount of time one can use the slipstream ability
The creation of the Beta, Gamma, and Delta Quadrents with full storylines and missions
Working shuttlebays
More shuttle/fighter missions
A poker game

Thats all the stuff I can come up with off the top of my head atm, but yall can have an empty bridge option after that if the devs and or CBS approves.
wow!!!! lol

all i said was that i want NPC free bridges. Its not like im trying to tell the devs that my priorites overrule anyone elses. You didnt have to throw your anger over not getting what you want in the game at me like that.

And to be honest, if the dev's game editor is anything at all like the one in the foundry, the easiest way to do this would take maybe only 30 mins to do. Make copies of each Bridge, on the copy ones delete all the NPCs, Rename the copys to "Bridgename" (NPC Free), add the txt for the new bridges at the ship editor.

Much more simple then say... making Playable Romulans and Cardassians. lol