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08-13-2011, 12:13 AM
Originally Posted by zevermoon View Post
Earth Space Dock is what you call a high traffic area. So to prevent lag since you have connections at every speed things start getting cut to save graphic space and cut down on lag.

I watched youtube vids of people walking around ESD and there's so much chop because 40-85 people are hanging out there.

Thats why moving things like crafting, the basic market, the exchange, and mail needs to be moved to your ship enterior. It just will cut down on foot traffic, and then they can get back some of the graphic flair that makes Sol a great place to visit.

Right now with everyone hanging around for Borg invasion Earth Space Dock is so Lagggie that I can't even move on speed graphics. Im using Serria as a backup right now.

Until they get that high traffic lag fixed ESD is going to suffer from some bland wartime looks.

I think thats the issue right now I could be wrong.

I'm fairly certain that's the main reason the ships were taken out. Another reason is that those exterior ships don't work well with the new "old" ESD since it doesn't have those exterior docking structures and ships dock inside of it instead.