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08-13-2011, 02:05 AM
I'm a little late to this discussion...

How ever I just checked and apparently the Hargh'pengs, even though they can be crafted, they are Bind on Pickup.. so, when you craft it.. it's that character's Hargh'peng.. and you can't trade it or sell it.. which means you can't just have 1 character as a crafter.. but every Klingon character you have that you want to have those Torps.. you have to also turn into a Crafter...

Meanwhile.. the Feds.. just have to do the mission, on the character they want the Hargh'peng torp, and they can get it. Doesn't require getting Materials, or Crafting Anything.. Just do a mission.. spend 10 -30Minutes at the level you want to get the torp at doing the mission.. and Poof.. there you go.. Sure that one isn't tradeable either, but it makes sense to be Bind on Pick up from a Mission, not Crafting..

And, in the patch notes, they are making it sound like it's eaiser for a klingon to get the Hargh'peng...

The Statement "I am upset" does not really explain how I feel about this. And "This is unfair" doesn't even BEGIN to explain how wrong this feels.

Dear Developers:
There are times where things are released in the game, and it either feels, or blaitently is directed towards Federation Dominance. If that is not your intent, Please, stop releasing content in ways that proves other wise. Because situations like this is just yet another reason to feel that the Development team for the game is biased towards the Klingon side of the game, and it Alienates the Klingon side of the game that sees things like this, and actually cares about things like this as a whole. Please, if your going to release things for the KDF, can you not release them in ways that makes the Federation side of the game seems more superior then it has already been designated. Why would I want to play a Klingon, at this point, when it's clearly eaiser to aquire things, such as this, by just doing a mission? Was it fear of Hargh'peng B'rel-R's? If so, then Fix the ability to Equip Multiple Hargh'Pengs, or Give them a Global Cooldown that makes sense. Doing things like this is not helping in any form or fashion. And sure I may be one player, with one Voice, and 4 Klingon Characters, and I don't speak for everyone with my opinions, things like this are starting to make me feel unwelcome on the KDF side of the game. I can only hope that this changes over time. As I love the Klingon side, despite alot of the smaller advantages the Federation side has to offer.

A disgruntled Klingon Player