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08-13-2011, 01:43 AM
Originally Posted by korwinthale View Post
Guys lets be honest here new content should not be that hard.. I could easily create a new featured mission evey week by msyelf.

Who is making content? Why dont we see tons of new missions added all the time.. We should log on and see in our available log that starfleet has orders for us to investigate soemthing or other on a fairly regular basis.

It seems to me like they spend way to much time making crap for the c store so they can make more money and they dont have a team accually just adding missions..
so you could create 3 or 4 maps from scratch (and i dont mean use existing elements like the foundry, actually design them from nothing), write the story, get it approved by CBS, check the spelling, set up the encounters, create the cut scenes, add the voice over and any unique music, code it into the game, create the rewards, add them, set up all the beacons and waypoints, test for bugs, fix the bugs and any other aspects of it?

and yet considering you think its that easy to do, you think the minor task of adding a couple of uniforms or a ship every month is a time consuming process that is taking up all their time.

if it was that easy that some random person off the internet could make FE every week they would do it wouldn't they? they would crank out 4 or 5 episodes a week of that is all it took. if they are paying these guys to work each week, you would want them to crank out as much stuff as possible. the fact they are not clearly means they cant do it as quickly as you think.

hell if it was that easy to do they would have even more stuff in the store if they could get away with making that much content quickly.