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08-13-2011, 04:01 AM
Originally Posted by Chugster View Post
so whats the best shuttle type to use? I have a type 8 and runabout on my VA tac but i want to buy a more combat focused craft but cant decide between the Delta flyer for its extra BOFF slot or the Peregrine for its cannons and turn rate
Tough choice, to be honest. In Shuttle Wars, you fly usually very maneuverable ships against other very maneuverable ships. Dual Cannons really deal a lot of damage, but getting ships in your firing arc can be very difficult. In addition, the best spike power in Shuttle Wars is either beam Overload or High Yield Torpedo.

So I think it is kinda a toss-up between Delta Flyer and Fighter right now. We'd need to do some more more shuttle war matches (or DSEs) to figure out which one is the winner.