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Originally Posted by Ultrawave View Post
Most likely series of events would be imo:

1. Contact with the Enterprise-E is overdue. Your ship is dispatched to investigate.

2. Enterprise-E is found, the ship being a total loss. Starfleet orders you to find out what happened to it.

3. After piecing the clues together, your ship finds those responsible and a counter-attack is ordered.

4. Starfeelt decides to make a show of force and reveals the existance of the Odyssey class. In light of the loss, it's revealed one of the freshly completed ships has been hastely commissioned as the Enterprise-F. It's dispatched as the lead ship in a strike force to put an end to the threat and the loss of its predecessor is avenged.
Hit the nail on the head my friend! I'd happily play that one + it doesn't sound all that far-fetched