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So I just hit RA:LH and have decided to switch from Cruisers to Escorts for a bit, using some of my free respec options.

My question is: For a long while I've relied on having only 1 tactical officer with a small group of powers, FAW1 and Tac Team 2. On my RA cruiser I have those two, plus my previous tactical officer's Torp Spread 1. Switching from the cruiser to the fleet escort has me all turned around from what powers I need my Boffs to have. I'm about to go create some Dual Heavy Cannons for the fore weapon slots, and maybe a set of turrets for my aft slots, with a quantum launcher in each side for good measure.

What powers should I be equipping my Tactical Boffs with to get good DPS since my shield isn't going to last as long or be as sturdy?