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# 1 Problems with Space PVP forum
08-13-2011, 05:10 PM
Problems with space pvp:

#1. Tactical Team: Change it to where there is an incentive to use tactical team 2 and 3. Make to where the distribution is low at 1, 2 at medium and 3 at high. Tactical 1 is currently like engineering team 3. The use of making everyone into tank is stupid and lazy.

#2. Sci Powers: SNB needs to have it when you are being sub nuke spammed there is a resistance chance. For example first sub nuke 50% to resist to the next sub nuke for 10 seconds. This seriously counter the constant problems of sci powers being the dominant in pvp espescailly 5 man scienece premades. Science Fleet lower the damage reduction effects because it's pretty much a RSF on the whole team. Say 10% to 20% At the moment sci is the dominant career to play at has been this way since beta.

#3. Exploits. Why hasn't the shield bug still been fixed? Even since this patch came out I have submitted screenshots with data pertaining to this issue and it STILL NOT HAS BEEN ADDRESSED. Do you guys really read the bug reports or are you not getting them? What is going on? Seriously....

#4. Engineering Powers: Engineering Fleet is the worst power besides abandon ship in the game right now. Change to where it is on par with tactical fleet and science fleet with the proposed nerf.

#5. Beam weapon mechanics: Beam weapons as of right now shoot many shots that normally do no damage. Change to where beam weapons rely on much slower recharge speeds but have more of a punch. This would help with cruisers and beam users try to make some use with non tactical based careers such as engineering captains and science captains. It will also benifit tactical captains as well and make to where it will more cannon to the star trek saga. Ever seen a galaxy class fire 6 beams at the same time doing no damage? I think not on both parts.

#6. Shield systems: One problem I've noticed is at no one uses the resilient shield or standard shield array system. Both of these shield system needs to be buffed because they offer no current incentive to use. The top three shields are the Covariant shield cap 3, aegis shield and the borg regen shield. These are in order.

Feel free to add anything else onto the list.