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08-14-2011, 04:27 AM
O.o - I'm sure he meant Attack Pattern Omega.

Here's one suggestion for the MVAM Escort (there are many):
Cmdr Tac: Tactical Team-1, Attack Pattern Beta-1, Torpedo High Yield-3, Cannon Rapid Fire-3
Lt Tac: Torpedo High Yield-1, Cannon Scatter Volley-1
Ens Tac: Tactical Team-1
Not having a LtCmdr slot here somewhat limits your ability choices. There are other mixes, but this is a 'decent' start with an cannon/torpedo weapons setup.

Another tactical officer setup might look like (abbreviating here):
Cmdr: TT-1, THY-2, CRF-1, APOmega-2/3* (APO-3 is tac-captain trainable only, -2 is at the power store)
Lt: APB-1, Beam Overload-1
Ens: Torpedo Spread-1
This is an example for an escort that has a dual-beam bank with the cannons and torpedo.

Since you're already familiar with Engineering skills, you probably already have a preference, but this is handy:
Lt Eng: Engineering Team-1, Emergency Power to Shields-2
Consider Reverse Shield Polarity-1 or Auxiliary to Structural-1

The LtCmdr science slot is where you can have the most fun! Since you say you're already familiar with science I'll let you pick your favorites. It really depends if you want to play offensive or defensive with this set of skills. HE, PH and TSS are always good standbys but since you're a science captain I'm assuming you want to play dirty. lol

Forward Weapons:
Dual Heavy Cannon x3, Torpedo Launcher
Dual Heavy Cannon x2, Dual Beam Bank, Torpedo Launcher

Aft Weapons:
Turret x3

Tac - ALL consoles for the energy weapon of your choice
Sci - one for the MVAM console, one for the Borg console, and one that matches whatever science skill you want to buff.
Eng - your choice, lots of options from aux buffs, weapons buffs to shield buffs or armor.

This is just one suggestion - there are lots of other possibilities to try. Most importantly - Do NOT "stay-and-play" - your tactic is "hit-and-run". I suggest most of your power to weapons and engines. Speed is your friend - let your skills buff your shields but as soon as they fold get the heck out of Dodge. Have some Aux batteries on hand to pop before you unleash your science skills. And the Engine battery/Deuterium tank is very useful to have as well.

Have fun - I'm working on a science toon for just this purpose myself!