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08-14-2011, 04:35 AM
Originally Posted by Leviathan99
Another thought is to mix the ******** player community notion of gear score with City of Heroes' arena system (where you use pets) with the pet system in STO which will eventually include ships.

So... A level 10 mission would have a "budget" of 1000 points and a Level 50 mission would have a budget of 5000 points. A Connie would be worth 1000 points. A shuttle might be worth 500. A Galaxy, non-refit, might be worth 4000 points. A Nova would be worth 2000 points.

So.... You do a level 10 mission, you have to swap down to a Connie or a shuttle and one shuttle as a pet.

You do a level 50 mission and you could use 1 Galaxy and 1 Connie, 10 shuttles (9 of which are pets), 1 Sovereign, 2 Novas and 1 Connie, etc.

This way, you would design it so that mission XP scales but content doesn't and you'd use have to use lower tier ships for lower tier mission replay.

I think this way would be the best but would require some rethinking of Remastered episodes and Feature episodes being level scaling. You scale to the mission based on what you're allowed to bring. The mission doesn't scale to you.
I'm still pretty hostile toward the idea of commanding a fleet. That's not Star Trek at all to me. One ship, one crew are the norm - fleet actions are the exceptions.