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08-14-2011, 06:51 AM
The MVAE can be built as a powerful dog fighter, at least I've done so with mine and people give up often trying to kill me.

I roll with an all energy setup because any decent pilot can get their shields up long before torpedoes hit.
3 DHC, 1 DBB and 3 Turrets all Phaser.

x2 Tac Team 1, CRF 1 & 3, BO 1 & 3, AP Beta 1
EmptS 1, Aux to Dampeners

Use your Science Fleet and Dampening field abilities in conjunction with the heals when you're taking damage. The rest of the time you have plenty of skills for keeping up the damage with Scan, SNB and PSW to make mince meat out of all but the best premades. Aux to Dampeners signifigantly improves the turn rate while also making you immune to Gravity Wells. Used in conjunction with Beta or Gamma mode you can easily out turn other Escorts and play havoc with BoP's to stay out of their firing arcs and dump damage on them.

Had a long game last night in the Gladius 7th Core vs a TSI / SOB team and went 1.4 million damage, 800k healing, 3 deaths over the course of about 30 minutes. We lost 13-15, but it was a close game until the end. We had new recruits flying with us and they had hashed together team.

A Sci MVAE can definitely be a PITA on the field.