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Hey, suggestion here. I often wondered what the Akira Class eguipted with Borg shields etc would look like. Awesome. I suggest a creation of tier 5 Akira Class retro fit. That the Akira Class would have a universal ensign BO, and one universal console. Since it's a heavy in the escort ships then the hull (39,000) would be more than the regular tier five ships. Being bluky, it would suffer the turn radius that other escorts have. Additionally, the Akira Class Refit would have a rapid fire photon torpedoes which launches 6 torps with a 2-3 minute cool down. Pretty much same cool down as the Phaser Lance.

Front Weapon Load-outs 4
Rear Weapon Load-outs 3
One yield rapid fire Photon Torpedo Launcher (qty launches 6 with 2-3 min CD)


Tac Cmdr
Tac LtCmder
Eng Lt
Sci Lt
Ensign universal


Tac 4
Eng 2
Sci 2
Universal 1
Device 2

I would drop 2000-2500 crypitc $$$$$ to get my hands on that ship. Com'on Dev think money!