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08-14-2011, 12:34 PM
Originally Posted by QuanManChu
As I stated in the Sovereign thread...the likelihood of Cryptic listening to your wishes regarding the Akira might not end up the way you wish if the Rhode Island is any indication. See my signature to understand what I mean. Let the devs know, if we can't have carriers or universal bridge officers (which is all fine and dandy) at least give us fully diversified BoFF slots in the LTCDR seat for the federation ship classes at T-5.
The problem is, you end up replicating all of the good Bop boff layours, but none of them pay for the flexibility like the BoP does. If this continues, the BoP won't be worth flying anymore. The unique combinations are why the BoP has less hull, shields and no ensign slot. The only other option is to buff the BoP inline with the new ships being made.