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08-14-2011, 01:00 PM
Iíve been contemplating this for a while. Iím thinking about respecing my Eng/Escort captain and this is what Iím debating.

Pulling all my points out of Phasers and maxing or near maxing out beams Ė already maxed in cannons.

Run My DBB Heavy C and Medium C in front Quantum fore and aft & two turrets in aft.

Then Iíll redistribute points into sci skills I use (Hazard Systems) and some ground skills. My captain is pitiful on ground and I play on elite. Iím competent in tactics but when I draw group agro or donít jump out of the way of a grenade Ė itís lights out.

I will not place any points in the energy weapon types.

However, Iím not moving on this until I can get three or four antiproton consoles XI blue.

Does anyone know where one may be able to farm those?