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08-14-2011, 02:06 PM
Originally Posted by Sagardon_Kahn
Except that the ILM guy who designed it specifically refers to it as a Carrier/Gunship. Can't possibly imagine why. Screen is one thing, but if the creator has their own opinion of the ship, I'm more liable to accept their word on it. After's THEIR ship, and Paramount accepted it.
Ideas get changed or dropped.
Deanna Troi was supposed to have three breasts.
She doesn't, the idea was dropped.

That's why even in the most extreme of situations we never get to see an Akira use her supposed fighter compliment.
Even when one engaged a bunch of Warbirds in Voy:"Message in a Bottle".
Maybe it's also because you can't get a 30 meter wide fighter through a 20 meter wide hangar door and they're stuck inside.
Or maybe because you can't get the ammunition for 15 torpedo launchers and some supposed 60+ fighters into a ship that size because it makes no sense.
Therfore the Akira is not the "gunship/battlecruiser/aircraft carrier" she was supposed to be.
Besides when the ship is supposed to be the über-pro blablabla etc. supercruisr that can do everything at once she was envisioned to be: why do other ships even exist?