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08-14-2011, 02:30 PM
I'm a bit weary of making this a class specific ability. It's a very basic mechanic in so many other games I don't quite understand why it wouldn't be included here. Given our advanced sensor technology it's not too much of a stretch, lol.

I picture basically this:
  • Command: /check, /scan: Entered in the text line or even bound to a key.
  • Effect: Opens a status window (like the one we see when we check our own status) that shows your targets equipment but which obviously can not be edited by you.
  • Person being /scanned receives a message that "x is scanning you". This acts as your tactical officer alerting you that you are being scanned, take appropriate action.
  • Altering equipment closes the window, requiring that the /scan be conducted again.
  • Range:
    • Sector space: No range limitation
    • System space: 10km - If you can shoot it, you can scan it, and vice versa
    • Cloaked scanning: Apply a stealth debuff to the ship conducting the scan due to the increased sensor activity. As long as the scan window is open (the scan is running) there should be an intermittent ping on the minimap revealing the general location of the scanner. Cloaked ships can not be /scanned unless other appropriate sensor abilities are already revealing the cloaked ships location.
  • Possible time delay (3-5 seconds) before information is revealed

I don't know, I've tried to consider some balance issues but I'm sure I've missed or forgotten something. I'd really like to see this implemented since it's a pretty basic idea really. I know that there are bigger fish to fry right now, but I'm kind of surprised this hasn't caught more traction.