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08-14-2011, 04:42 PM
Originally Posted by Azurian View Post
True, there would have to be a little extra added to TT2 and TT3 to make them more useful.

Right now TT has:
  • Shield Redistribution
  • Small Buff to Weapon Skills
  • Removes Tactical Debuffs
  • Removes Boarding Parties

So perhaps TT2 and TT3 would act as a combo with other abilities? For example TT2 or TT3 comboed with FAW 1 or 2 would allow you to perform an anti-cloak beam sweap like in Nemesis?

TT Combowed with Torpedo Spread, could act as a short sensor scramble (IE Nebula effect).

Combed with Warp Plasma Eject, allows you to light the plasma on fire and increase it's effectiveness (Riker Manuver).

Right there would get people to use TT2 and TT3 more now wouldn't it, and I doubt I could see it being really overpowered since you are using 2 abilities to pull off 1 nice one. Right?
Its all fine for me. But if you really want this to happen, also make a suggestion to give us more Ensign Tactical abilities to choose from.

- Beam target X. I dont use it on my build. Besides it interferes with my Beam overload
- HY, i dont use torps which requires it.
- FAW - i dont use single beams, just 1 dual beam bank, not particulary useful, also interferes with Beam overload
The rest of my Tactical stations Lieutenant and up are all already filled with powers which have a shared cooldown with something else.

In other words, we dont have enough Ensign powers to fill up.
I agree that perhaps Tactical team distribution should get better when you use i.e. rank II or even rank III of the ability, but then again is it really that useful to sacrifice a L, LC or commander slot for it? The damage buff as it is now is rediculous to say the least.

I think this particular ability should be fixed accordingly, but also depending on whichever uses it. I think Tacticals/Escorts i.e. should get a bonus for using it and lets say, a cruiser doesnt get a bonus for TT and will become less effective (Since cruisers already have rediculous healing)

Just a suggestion