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08-14-2011, 08:41 PM
Originally Posted by ppumaht View Post
peng setups are fail setups in any serious pvp. But i understand the problem in a pug environment. I think they should not stack (either not at all or to a certain point). Could just as well make them unique too.
Honestly I do not know if you play the KDF side but these torpedos in my view were not so much for us to use in pvp but as a way for us KDF players who use the ship to be able to use our EBC mode to kill npc ships in a reasonable amount of time. Especially in our alpha and bravo sorties because before the hargh'pengs the ship was nothing more than a lower hull bop with lots of problems but now most of the problems are fixed and its actually fun to play it. I am just hoping this crying over it stops because I for one have been asking for some way to have some fun with it atleast in pve and now its here and now the trolls want that fun to be gone.