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08-14-2011, 11:33 PM
Originally Posted by Shar487
I witnessed another match where B'rel retrofits basically did nothing but lob Harg'Pengs into their focus targets repeatedly at long range. If you tried to engage them, then simply jammed sensors and recloaked. Sure, this is fun for the B'rel pilot, but how does this make any sense for an even fight?

I guess I'll wait until the Feds get their cloak hunter torpedoes...
Your mileage may vary. I was in a CnH against a poor Brel who tried it against me while I was running high aux. He got revealed, I sensor scanned him, my buddies blew him up.

Of course some guys pull that move way better than that guy. I was teamed up with another Klingon a while back and he was being really effective with it against the pugs we were up against. =p