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08-15-2011, 12:36 AM
Originally Posted by BigRedJedi
True, also at a slightly greater rate than simply hitting Distribute Shields, however, in general practice, Distribute is more than sufficient (and necessary to prevent loss of regeneration, either through Shield Power-related 'natural' regeneration, or the regeneration provided by BOff and Captain abilities). In any case, getting people to use any type of Shield balancing will go a long way toward helping them improve their gameplay experience.

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I think you should mention the synergy with shield heals in the original post as well.

Shield healing from most powers, as well as natural shield regeneration, applies healing to each facing. A facing that is maximized receives no healing.
By distributing shield power during combat, you ensure that each facing has some damage that can be healed. This can up to quadruple the amount of healing you can get out of your powers!