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08-15-2011, 07:28 AM
You should understand one thing:
IF STO is ever going to be "controlled" from your bridge, the only thing it could possibly do is, autonavigate into sector space. Dan Stahl one mentioned, that he would possible, might even slightly think of that. But there is never going to be such a control similar to Star Trek Bridge Commander. Cryptic never wanted to build STO like this, and will definetley never going to change it that way for diferent reasons. To make it short, the biggest issue would be, that the entire game have to be revmapped entirely! -The shortest answer to that would be, "No way!"

I am not talking here abot, beeing possible, because the Cryptic Engine could do such thing in some time not far into the future. But there is already a working game. It is simply unpractical.