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08-15-2011, 08:22 AM
Some things I agree, some don't; SNB is fine the way it is, the problems only start when you have multiple SNB-capable players in the same team (and still, they have to be coordinating, which doesn't always happen). As a matter of fact, you easily clear the SNB effect by using Science Team - even the most basic version does the job; SNB with no additional cooldown would mean nothing - the player hit would just click the stripped buff again.

As for the shields resists it can get crazy, but so is the Escort's burst damage...with no resist, an escort can vaporize any shield in a couple of shots; besides, it's not just Science ships and Cruisers, in the hands of a competent player Defiants can take absurd amounts of damage without buckling as well, so the whole thing needs to be addressed on a general level.
A good idea would be to make it so that depleting a shield needs a sustained pounding for some time - with resist and regeneration giving a bit of breathing space, but not a "full shield replenish" as it often happens now.

Beam weapons do feel underwhelming, especially compared to dual heavy cannons, but perhaps they both need an adjustment (I often find myself doing the reasoning "oh, I'm being hit by beams, I can ignore it" and "ouch, those are heavy cannons, need to get out of here").

The weapon most in need of love is certainly the's ridiculous that even a tiny sliver of shielding can almost stop a full-salvo of quantums, or absorb most of a Tricobalt detonation...