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08-15-2011, 08:39 AM
Originally Posted by Cattivo80 View Post
Thanks BRJ, I'll try to put this on all my characters. I've heard about this before, but coding is beyond me, so I never had the line to enter in order to get this. It doesn't mess with TT, right? I try to do this manually, or focus on the front or aft shield, but there's so much to do in a fight, that I have trouble doing it as much as I need to. Plus, it is such a slow process, that TT becomes a crutch with its fast redistribution.

Heh, tying my two EPtS's would be great too. Manually chaining that, my two TTs, and two CRFs is hard enough for my old brain.
I actually find that using Distribute Shields in combination with TT actually makes TT more efficient, particularly if you have Shield heals getting popped on you (or by you) during the duration of TT. TT will actually fill a shield facing to capacity, if the volume of incoming fire is sufficient, thus, re-distributing some of that facing back to the other 3 facings helps either 'natural' regeneration or HoT's (like, and especially, TSS) to maximize their output.

As 'ppumaht' mentioned earlier, manually distributing to a single facing is slightly more efficient for re-supplying that 'particular' facing, but, for many players, simply keeping Distribute running constantly is a vast improvement in survivability, as opposed to no re-distribution at all (which, sadly, is an all too common sight among new PvP-ers, most of whom simply were unaware that the ability to balance Shields even exists... If only there were a Manual of some kind... *sigh* )

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