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08-15-2011, 08:43 AM
There seems to be some debate over whether TT affects balancing...I can't say I've noticed TBH. I have 2xTT and balance bound to space, and it seems to work fine.


You def want to have as few as possible. In the old days I have a whole messy buncha things bound to space on my escort, (2xTT, 2xAPB, 2xEPTS, Fire all weapons, balance shields, Fleet support and....well that might be about it) and discovered there were many occasions during the cycle where I had to hit space 3 times before a weapon would fire (note: I don't use autofire on my escort, so I have to press to fire) which was a major pain in the ***. As such I severely truncated my binds.

I started with just distribute and fire, but have since worked up to 2xEPTS and 2xTT and it still seems to work fine with no delays in firing. I will not be adding any more though.

My star cruiser spacebar bind though...massive, lol. I have to habitually start using it long before I see any enemies to ensure the cycle is maintained.

Re: distributing "manually". I just don't have enough hands. For a brief period I experimented with binding re-distribute shields forward on the spacebar (with fire), being in an escort I am generally trying to face my opponent. It was really good for keeping my fore shields nice and strong, however I soon discovered it just isn't worth the exposed bottom, which other escorts just LOVE to exploit.

I tend to fly with mostly my mouse, although I do also use WASD, especially in close in dog fights, and my other hand does the powers via the keyboard. I simply don't have enough hands to distribute in the specific direction of fire, despite it being far more effective than an overall distribute.